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Christmas with love wallpaper

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Geregistreerd op: 23 Sep 2016
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BerichtGeplaatst: 23-09-2016 03:40:04    Onderwerp: Christmas with love wallpaper Reageren met citaat

A co eighty-seven since, as vay.Hang day, she tried to spend as little money when shopping. She goes around looking to buy cheap stuff meat and vegetables for daily meals, even when feeling very tired she was still trying to find. Savings contract or that. Della recount little money once nua.Khong no confusion, only one co-eighty-seven since, and the next day would be Christmas.
She can not able to do more, just have to sit down and cry, but thoi.o that, in a small room, shabby, she was sobbing. Della lived in this poor little room with her husband, James Dillingham Young, city of New York. They have a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. James Dillingham Young fortunate than her because he has a job. However it is not a job to earn more money. Rent this room takes up most of his salary. Della tried a lot to find a job but luck has not smiled at her. However, she is very happy to hug 'Jim', James Dillingham Young, in his hand when he returned Heart wallpaper . Della finished wipe khoc.Co then watched a gray cat on the wall the same color it dark road beside the window. Tomorrow is Christmas and she is only a co-eighty-seven cents to buy Jim, Jim's aunt, a dish want to buy a gift truly meaningful, something that could express all the love she for him. Della suddenly turned and ran to the mirror hanging on the wall. Her eyes lit up. Until now, James Dillingham Young family valuables are only two things that nhat.Mot Jim's gold watch. The watch formerly owned by his father and grandfather before him again. The rest was Della's hair. Della rapid drop silky long hair down her back. It's gorgeous, do not be like a jacket was flung over her. Della up again. She stood silent for a moment and then whispers. Della walked slowly through the shops along the road and then stopped at the sign 'Madame Eloise'.Tiep she is a stout woman, she did not seem to have a bit of' Eloise 'at all. Della asked, 'her hair to buy me?' 'I buy that hair', she replied and said, 'Please give me your hat off to her hair away' sad wallpaper . Beautiful brown waterfall falls. Twenty-dong 'she valuation, hands cradling shiny hair. 'Quick Cut away! and gives it to me 'said Della. The next two hours passed quickly. She is looking to buy a present for Jim in the shops in inexpressible joy. She finally picked a rope thu.Do is a gold watch. Jim is very precious your timepiece but unfortunately it was not wired. When Della saw this rope she knew that it can had to buy it.
She paid twenty-one contracts to buy and hurried back home with the remaining eighty-seven cents. Go home, Della watching his very short hair in the mirror and thought: 'I could do with it here?'. The next half hour she quickly ready for anything. Della finished re-watching herself in the mirror again. Her hair is now full of curly strands curling around his head. 'God, I look like a school girl she was!'. She told herself: 'Jim will say anything to see her like this?'. Seven pm, meals are prepared nearly finished. Della suspense, hoping that she is still beautiful in the eyes of Jim. Then the door opened and Jim stepped in. He looks very thin and needs a coat of sand moi.Jim stared at Della. She could not understand what he was thinking, she was afraid. He was not anger, nor surprise nhien.Anh stood there, looking at her with strange eyes love wallpaper full hd . Della run to Jim cried: 'Do not look at me like that, darling. I sell hair just to buy him a gift. That hair will grow out. You have to sell it alone, Jim. Say 'Merry Christmas', I have a great gift for you this!'. 'You've cut off your hair? "Jim asked. 'Yes, I was cut off and sold it, so that you do not love me anymore it? I'm still me! 'said Della. Jim looked around and asked, as a jerk: 'I said that I had sold the hair you?'. 'Yes, I did say that, because I love you! We can have dinner yet, Jim? '. Suddenly Jim Della embrace and pulled out an object from his pocket something on the table. He said: 'I love you, Della, whether your hair is short or long. Let me open this up, will understand why when he stunned so earlier. '. Della outer wrapper tear up and cry out of joy, immediately then the tears of happiness fall xuong.Trong it is a the hairpin, the forceps for Della's hair shiny. She has dreamed of when I saw it the first time through the window of a booth. The clip is very beautiful and very expensive. Now they belong to her, but her hair is not long enough to clamp again!
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